houyoux Houyoux koningshuis personaliteiten opdruk royal family famille royale personalities personnalit‚s imprint empreinte Belgium1929273/275251/253273/275

1929stampMint Never Hinged


national coat of arms armoiries nationales wapenschilden coats of arms blasons Belgium1929276/288A276/288A

1929stampMint Never Hinged


houyoux Houyoux koningshuis Belgium1929S 1/6D 1/5 + 15S 1/6

1929official mailMint Never Hinged


montenez montenez Belgium1929289/292262 I/265 I289/292

1929stampMint Never Hinged


express stamps timbres express landschappen landscapes paysages Belgium1929292C/292G266/269exp 1/5

1929stampMint Never Hinged


tuberculosis control lutte contre la tuberculose monumenten geneeskunde monuments les monuments medicine m‚decine Belgium1929293/298270/275293/298

1929stampMint Never Hinged


first orval, l and crown premier orval, l et couronne religie religion religion Belgium1929272A/272K235/243272A/272K



le havre exhibition exposition le havre opdruk ambachten imprint surcharge crafts artisanat france1929239257 A



Pope Pius XI Pape Pie XI personaliteiten wapenschilden personalities personnalit‚s coats of arms blasons vaticaan19291/1326/38

1929stampMint Never Hinged


Pope Pius XI Pape Pie XI vaticaan192914/15Exp 1/2

1929express stampsMint Never Hinged


winged letter lettre ail‚e zwitserland1929233xPA 13a

1929airmail stampsMint Never Hinged


winged letter lettre ail‚e zwitserland1929234zPA 14

1929airmail stampsMint Never Hinged


montenez montenez koningshuis personaliteiten Belgium1929LX 1

1929luxevelMint Never Hinged