march to rome marche … rome monumenten monuments monuments italy1932431/432PA 39/40

1932airmail stampsMint Never Hinged


telegraphy t‚l‚graphie technologie telecommunicatie technology la technologie telecommunication t‚l‚communication trieste194728/33PA 7/12

1947airmail stampsMint Never Hinged


upu upu filatelie upu landkaart philately philat‚lie upu upu map carte trieste19496438

1949stampMint Never Hinged


sardinia stamp sardinia stamp filatelie zegel op zegel philately philat‚lie stamp on stamp timbre sur timbre trieste1951161/193122/124

1951stampMint Never Hinged


sport on stamp sport on stamp sport olympische spelen sport le sport Olympics jeux olympiques trieste1952175134

1952stampMint Never Hinged


fashion and parma stamp fashion and parma stamp zegel op zegel filatelie stamp on stamp timbre sur timbre philately philat‚lie trieste1952179/180139/140

1952stampMint Never Hinged


helicopter mail helicopter mail monumenten transport monuments monuments transportation transport trieste1954231191

1954stampMint Never Hinged


michelangelo buonarroti michelangelo buonarroti italy19641160PA 143

1964airmail stampsMint Never Hinged


verrazzano bridge pont verrazzano italy19641172PA 144

1964airmail stampsMint Never Hinged


airmail stamp timbre poste a‚rienne vliegtuigen airplanes avions italy19711349PA 146

1971airmail stampsMint Never Hinged