Marie Adelaide Marie Adelaide personaliteiten personalities personnalit‚s Luxembourg1914/192092/10695/109

1914/1920stampMint Never Hinged


Charlotte charlotte Luxembourg1926/1928166/176 + 187/191 + 205/206164/181

1926/1928stampMint Never Hinged


childcare garde d'enfants koningshuis royal family famille royale Luxembourg1930227/231226/230

1930stampMint Never Hinged


childcare garde d'enfants koningshuis royal family famille royale Luxembourg1931240/244234/238

1931stampMint Never Hinged


childcare garde d'enfants koningshuis royal family famille royale Luxembourg1933252/256244/248

1933stampMint Never Hinged


childcare garde d'enfants paarden uniformen horses chevaux uniforms les uniformes Luxembourg1934259/264252/257

1934stampMint Never Hinged


childcare garde d'enfants koningshuis royal family famille royale Luxembourg1935284/289276/281

1935stampMint Never Hinged


emigrant intellectuals intellectuels émigrées wetenschap geneeskunde literatuur Luxembourg1935266/280259/273

1935stampMint Never Hinged


willibrord willibrord Luxembourg1938309/314300/305

1938stampMint Never Hinged


charity charit‚ Luxembourg1939333/338324/329

1939stampMint Never Hinged


charity charit‚ Luxembourg1939339/341330/332

1939stampMint Never Hinged


Charlotte charlotte personaliteiten Luxembourg1939BL 3BL 3

1939blokMint Never Hinged


willibrord willibrord wapenschilden beeldhouwkunst architectuur coats of arms blasons sculpture sculpture architecture architecture Luxembourg1947417/422392/397

1947stampMint Never Hinged


Charlotte charlotte Luxembourg1949BL 7BL 7

1949stampMint Never Hinged


war orphans orphelins de guerre Luxembourg1950468/473433/438

1950stampMint Never Hinged


European Union union europ‚enne ambachten paarden crafts artisanat horses chevaux Luxembourg1951478/483443/448

1951stampMint Never Hinged


centilux centilux filatelie philately philat‚lie Luxembourg1952488/489454 A

1952stampMint Never Hinged


Olympics jeux olympiques sport wielrennen voetbal sport sport cycling le cyclisme football le foot Luxembourg1952495/500455/460

1952stampMint Never Hinged


100 years stamp luxembourg 100 ans timbre luxembourg filatelie post philately philat‚lie post poste Luxembourg1952490/494PA 16/20

1952airmail stampsMint Never Hinged


charity charit‚ koeien cows les vaches Luxembourg1954525/530484/489

1954stampMint Never Hinged


europe 1956 europe 1956 Luxembourg1956555/557514/516

1956stampMint Never Hinged


iron and steel fer et acier technologie technology la technologie Luxembourg1956552/554511/513

1956stampMint Never Hinged


europe 1957 europe 1957 Luxembourg1957572/574531/533

1957stampMint Never Hinged


stamp exhibition exposition de timbres filatelie sport speelgoed philately philat‚lie sport le sport toys des jouets Luxembourg1969BL 8BL 8

1969blokMint Never Hinged


charity charit‚ Luxembourg1974BL 9BL 9

1974blokMint Never Hinged


first stamps luxembourg premiers timbres luxembourg filatelie zegel op zegel philately philat‚lie Stamp on stamp Timbre sur timbre Luxembourg1977BL 10BL 10

1977blokMint Never Hinged


wedding mariage Luxembourg1978BL 11BL 11

1978blokMint Never Hinged


juphilux 78 juphilux 78 filatelie philately philat‚lie Luxembourg1978BL 12BL 12

1978blokMint Never Hinged


jean from luxembourg jean du luxembourg wapenschilden vlaggen coats of arms blasons flags drapeaux Luxembourg1981BL 13Bl 13

1981blokMint Never Hinged


truce trˆve wapenschilden vogels coats of arms blasons birds les oiseaux Luxembourg1985BL 14BL 14

1985blokMint Never Hinged


juvalux 88 juvalux 88 koningshuis royal house maison royale Luxembourg1988BL 15BL 15

1988blokMint Never Hinged


transport transport transport treinen vervoer Luxembourg198811941144



old portals portails anciens architectuur Luxembourg198812051155



birthdays anniversaires personaliteiten schilderijen Luxembourg19881207/12081157/1158



100 years of dynasty 100 ans de dynastie wapenschilden coats of arms blasons Luxembourg1990BL 16BL 16

1990blokMint Never Hinged


europe 1991 europe 1991 telecommunicatie europa ruimtevaart Luxembourg19911271/12721221/1222



tourism tourisme monumenten Luxembourg19911273/12741223/1224



annual events événements annuels personaliteiten literatuur Luxembourg19911275/12761225/1226



day of the stamp jour du timbre post filatelie zegel op zegel dag/week/jaar van… Luxembourg199112801230



buildings bâtiments architectuur Luxembourg19921288/12901238/1240



juvalux 98 juvalux 98 filatelie bruggen philately philat‚lie bridges ponts Luxembourg1998BL 17BL 17

1998blokMint Never Hinged


accession to the throne accession au tr“ne wapenschilden coats of arms blasons Luxembourg2000BL 18BL 18

2000blokMint Never Hinged


mosaic mosa‹que kunst art art Luxembourg2007BL 21BL 21

2007blokMint Never Hinged


large duchy family grande famille duch‚ Luxembourg2010BL 23BL 23

2010blokMint Never Hinged